Yacht assistance

Led by our passion for the sea we started our Yachting adventure first at sea and then in Portosole Sanremo founding Gente di Mare. Through our experience, we observed that the requirements are mainly divided into two kinds of requests, often similar, but in essence very distinctive. On one hand services that are mainly oriented towards Yacht’s maintenance that require works that have to be carried out to maintain the Yacht during the winter season and prepare it for the summer whilst on the other hand all the other services that can be required by the Owner & Guests.

Captain’s assistance is always the most diversified, beggining with the paperwork formalities for Port Clearances, Shore passes, VAT formalities or Custom Clearances until other essential services such as bunkering, berth booking, itinerary suggestions and Shipyard assistance, data and phone SIM cards. In addition, our suppliers are able to meet the needs of our clients with maintenance works such as carpentry, welding, hydraulic, plumbing, mechanics, electricity, engineering, tapestry or painting.

The Engineer’s requirements are focused on another kind of maintenance requests and specialists for cleaning assistance for decontamination of fuel tanks, Engine room & Bilges, Aspiration & disposal of waste oils, cleaning of the Sewage, Grey and Fresh Water Tanks with high pressure and steam washing, purifying Fuel from bacteria and algae, Unblocking, cleaning and flushing of Air conditioning Duct-works & Sewage pipelines. We also assist Engineers with thorny requests such as spare parts supply and tailor-made spare parts.

Deck maintenance require accurcy and regularity in cleaning and maintaining the Yacht so you can rely on us for deck product supplies, cleaning product supplies for the cleaning of all external painted surfaces, windows, ports, covers, fixtures, lockers, safety and recreational equipment and watercraft, maintenance assistance with the cosmetic and general condition of the tenders and water sport equipment and crafts, paint and topcoat supplies, mooring lines supplies, assistance with garbage and waste.

The Yacht’s interior requires for more sophisticated and well-finished taste as well as precision and care to details, that is why the Chief Stewardess mainly need laundry services for special clothes and emergencies, flower arrangements and flower supplies, guided tour proposals and restaurant suggestions for Owners & Guests, car rental for Crew or luxury car rental, medical appointments and shipping services. We also meet  the Chef’s needs for provisions or supermarket and market suggestion.

About us

Founded in 2002 by two experienced Captains, Gente di Mare started its Yachting experience ashore by managing berths. Today we are proud of being a small local and reliable Yacht assistance Agency that prioritize personal connections with the Captain & Crew to assure efficiency and professionalism.

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